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Mr Bean - Dancing at a nightclub. Must See, Very Funny Dance.

Night Club Dance

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Dhoom 3, dhoom 3 trailer, dhoom 3 wallpapers, dhoom 3 release date

Dhoom 3 Trailer with Shahrukh and Amir Khan

Aamir, The Bad Guy In Dhoom 3

Aamir Stars In Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 is the latest hindi movie. After doing lot of lover guy roles for Yash raj Films banner, and this time he will can be seen in a negative role, after Bazigar, Darr and DON. Check back soon for the Dhoom 3 synopsis and preview. Yash Raj has news to the banner, adding that he won’t be able to give dates till late next year.

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Yeh Faasley Movie Review. Hot Pix Pux

Yeh Faasley - Bollywood Film Review - Anupam Kher, Pawan Malhotra, Tena Desae & Rushad Rana

Aah, now this one could really have been better. This is what one ends up exclaiming as the concluding reels of 'Yeh Faasley' start running. Reason being that what seemed to be a really promising idea, as conveyed through intriguing promos, turns out to be something that wasn't fleshed out to the fullest. Ultimately what one ends up seeing is a movie that would have been better off had it been made as a tele-film or an hour long 'Saturday night suspense' kinda show for television.

To think of it, the premise of 'Yeh Faasley' (leave aside a really weak and an inconclusive/non-enticing title) was quite decent. A girl (Tena Desai) really close to her father (Anupam Kher) only to realise that he could possibly have been a murderer of her mother - now there haven't been stories on the same subject shown on the big screen in the past.

Of course the genre by itself isn't anything overtly original; after all there have been instances of such films made in the past when a close relative/friend is suspected of being a murderer. However when a first time director comes on board, in this case being Yogesh Mittal, you always have some good hopes that there would be some new story telling at least. Reason being that there are fresh ideas taking form all over the industry today (case in point being 'Tanu Weds Manu' that released recently). With the knack of making even common stories interesting by means of the way they are being told, even the common subjects start looking interesting on screen if presented well.

Unfortunately for 'Yeh Faasley' though, this isn't really the case as the film fumbles, especially due to the curse of the second half (which by the way is getting more and more troublesome in last couple of years especially). Hence, what starts off with a promise of an interesting tale only leads one to boredom as it progresses. Now that's particularly disappointing because in a suspense drama, one actually looks forward to the graph only going up as the story reaches it's culmination. It doesn't happen in case of 'Yeh Faasley' due to which as a audience you truly feel that if only there was more meat put into the written material, Yogesh would have managed to make the film half-interesting at the least.

Not that the film is a total let down though. Leaving aside the fact that you aren't quite engrossed with the tale, especially during it's latter moments, there are portions in the first half of the film which do bring you on the edge of the seat. Tena realising that there is something really wrong with her father, his aversion at not quite letting out the truth, their conversations that seem to be meeting abrupt ends, her own investigation as she comes across various people with whom her mother had interacted in the past, Kher being tried in the court of law - one does stay on with the characters here in the quest of 'right' v/s 'wrong'. However as stated earlier, for any suspense drama to work, there has to be a good enough culmination, something which turns out to be a weak link here.

Performances are good here though and that is one silver lining that ensures that 'Yeh Faasley' isn't an unbearable watch. Anupam Kher in a central role is quite good yet again and showcases that he deserves to be seen in more deserving parts. Tena is decent though one wonders how far would she go from here as in 'Yeh Faasley' she isn't seen as a quintessential leading lady. Pawan Malhotra is reliable as well while Rushad Rana is decent. Technically, the film is just average, whether in terms of production values, cinematography or music.

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Over and above the fact that 'Yeh Faasley' isn't quite a film that makes it to the top of the must watch activities over the weekend, another factor that would severely hamper it's prospects is a near-to-nil promotion. With nothing known about the film and no one knowing if this film has even released, 'Yeh Faasley' would largely go unnoticed.

Monica Movie Review. Hot Pix Pux

director Sushen Bhatnagar has earlier made a film called 'Soch' (Danny Denzongpa, Arbaaz Khan, Sanjay Kapoor, Raveena Tandon) [2002] which was again a dramatic thriller and had it's moments for most part of it. Now around a decade later with 'Monica', he has taken a big step ahead.

To begin with though, you don't have many expectations from 'Monica'. Reason being that there is absolutely nothing known about the film at all. Worse, since its promotion has been zilch, you do end up believing if the makers too thought that it wasn't worthy enough to spend any amount prior to release.

However, the perception about 'Monica' completely changes within 10 minutes of the film's beginning. Even better, the storyline is absolutely original which means you can't really guess what next would be on the anvil.

Based on a real life political turmoil that had shook the nation a few years back when a top politician was embroiled in a telecom scam and a young female journalist was murdered, 'Monica' doesn't take names but exposes the nexus between politicians (Ashutosh Rana), media (Divya Dutta, Tinnu Anand), power brokers (Dadhi Pandey) and industrialists (Kittu Gidwani). In fact so smart has been this depiction that despite a similar theme being exposed in dozens of other films, the going-ons in 'Monica' stay on to be top notch which keep you glued on to the screen. To add to this, there is a brilliant culmination around this nexus when it is depicted on a black board and a piece of chalk by a competent lawyer (Yashpal Sharma) who wants to expose the reason behind the murder at all cost.

To keep the narrative engrossing, most of the first half of the film is set as a court room drama. The film opens with the murder of Monica and then goes into a flashback mode around what could possibly have happened. This is where director Sushen Bhatnagar plays a smart game where he brings in elements of facts and fiction and intersperses layers of assumptions/perceptions into it to come up with a cohesive narrative.

There are places in the film though where things become a little confusing. Since there is constant movement between present times and flashback, at times one tends to loose track of beginning of one scene and ending of another. Also, there is constant to and from between locations and time due to which one has to be very attentive about the proceedings. Even the story comes with it's own complexity and since audience is used to seeing a linear narrative, at times one looses track of who is siding whom as well as the perception around right or wrong. Nothing wrong with Sushen's intent though; however if only the narrative was kept a little simpler at least, it would have made 'Monica' a far comfortable watch.

Nevertheless, leading these factors aside, the fact remains that 'Monica' is a film that entertains and keeps you staring at the screen with eyes wide open for most of it's duration. Credit for that should go to able direction, unpredictable storyline, smart dialogues (which have liberal use of expletives - all in English) and top notch acts by Divya Dutta and Ashutosh Rana. Really, these two actors are the pillars of the film and make you wonder why are they not seen on the big screen more often. They deserve that for sure.

Even supporting cast does full justice to their parts with Yashpal Sharma leading the pack with a serious positive role, Dadhi Pandey impressing with his cool menacing act, Kittu Gidwani at her seductress best with Tinnu Anand being reliable as always.

First thing that strikes you about 'Monica' is the fact that it isn't really a B grade affair that you were dreading all this while. In fact the initial reels remind you of films like 'Seher' and 'Satta', not from the genre or setting perspective but treatment. This is one of those medium budget films where focus is on drama more than any technical wizardry and this is where the win of 'Monica' lies.

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Happy Husbands (Trailer). Hot Pix Pux,

There are bad films and there will be bad films but this one takes the cake. In fact in front of 'Happy Husbands', you end up wondering whether another small time film called 'Impatient Vivek' (again featuring a bunch of non-actors) which had released a few months back was far more engrossing.

To say that 'Happy Husbands' is regressive would be stating the obvious. This is a world where men are allowed 'freedom' to go and explore the outside world (stated number of times as 'having fun') while women are relegated to home, cooking meals (in case of debutant actor Anay, lots and lots of 'tamaatar') and then readily forgive them even after catching them red handed.

So we have Anay who doesn't seem to be having any real job per se but is shown to be running a men's only club called 'Happy Husbands' where his prime job is to give motivational lectures to all those husbands out there who want to explore fun in the lives. Three such men are Mohit Ghai, Ahwaan and Kurush Deboo who are enjoying a happy married life but do get carried away by temptations. While Anay does teach them the tricks of the trade to get away from their monotonous lifestyles, he has his own story of infidelity to tell as well.

As for the girls in the film, none of them really boast of a well defined characterisation or length of role. In fact in the film women totally take a backseat with the four male protagonists occupying centre stage. However they are such a put off on screen, the worst culprit here being the debutant leading man himself, that there is no interest left whatsoever in going through this torture from which you get a break only when you are lucky enough to fall asleep.

Whether it is the structuring of scenes, dialogues, sets, shot taking and most importantly acting, 'Happy Husbands' takes an honour of some collective failure here. The film just doesn't have a storyline per se and all you see is one scene coming after another without any major attempt being made to have it all in a cohesive manner. Also, the scenes are such that they only make you cringe and feel disgusted.

One has to hand it over to debutant Anay here. The youngster appears to be totally convinced with the idea of making his entry into Bollywood. So much so that he not just acts and directs 'Happy Husbands', he also goes on to be the dialogue and screenplay writer as well as editor of the film. Hold on, there is more to come. He also does an all around job in the music department by handling music, lyrics, background score as well as playback singing. And to give it all an all around view, he also turns costume designer here.

Phew, now that leaves even Manoj Kumar far behind who actually used to multi task for most of his films. However for Anay though, it is an all around disaster as he goes on to make a mess of it all and in turns becomes responsible for all the mayhem that follows.

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Tanu Weds Manu – Movie Review, Hot Pix Pux News

Film: “Tanu Weds Manu”
Starring: R. Madhavan, Kangana Ranaut, Jimmy Shergil, Swara Bhaskar
Director: Anand L. Rai

Why should you watch “Tanu Weds Manu”? For R. Madhavan who will win you heart as a sweet lovable NRI doctor Manu who has the misfortune of falling in love with a Kanpur-girl Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) who not only rejects him as a suitor but also uses him to elope with her ruffian boyfriend.

Hiding his heartbreak and disappointment behind a smile, Madhavan fits into the role of a goody goody NRI like a glove. He is hopelessly in love with Tanuja who doesn’t miss a single opportunity to hurt him. Rules, they say, are meant to be broken and that’s what Tanu’s agenda in life is – to break all rules that a middle-class family swears by.

Well, an NRI coming home to find a suitable bride for him is very common in Indian society and director Anand Rai’s comedy opens with the same. He tries to be as close to reality as possible – from the backdrop, to clothes, to character artists – all bring out the element of a middle-class setup perfectly.

With a marriage in the background providing a perfect place for Tanu’s second chance meeting with Manu, the movie traces the relationship between the girl and the NRI. Surely, perfect material for sentimental romances with ‘comedy ka tadka’.

But there is something missing to make it a perfect romantic comedy. First, the script is punctured, then their is no chemistry between Madhavan and Kangana and if that was not enough, the narrative doesn’t flow at the desired pace – it’s slower than it should be.

Though the director picked up an interesting subject, he has not succeeded in executing his story effectively on screen – there are not enough laughs in the film. Whatever funny scenes are there, credit goes to the chemistry between Madhavan and Deepak Dobriyal who plays his friend Pappi.

Kangana’s dialogue delivery puts you off and she lacks the spunk and spark to play the free bird that she is in the movie. In fact, Swara Bhaskar, who plays her friend Payal, holds the fort as the Bihari girl who is marrying a sardarji (Eijaz Khan) who also happens to be Manu’s best friend.

Payal is impressed with Manu and even tries to drill some sense into Tanu’s head but Tanu, a rebel, doesn’t want to admit her feelings for the man who is picked by her parents.

Critics won’t appreciate the plot but Madhavan fans would find enough material to enjoy the film.

Music plays an important role in a wedding-based romantic comedy and the director could have got it right if he had opted for fast-paced peppy numbers.

In the performance department, full marks go to Madhavan, Deepak and Swara. The supporting cast of K.K. Raina, Rajendra Gupta and Navni Parihar don’t have much to do, but whatever role they have, they carry it well. Jimmy Shergill as Kangana’s ruffian boyfriend is wasted, so is Ravi Kishen as his side kick.

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The best and worst Holi memories of these TV stars, Hot pix pux news.

With Holi coming up this weekend, television stars seem to be in a festive mood.

Rajul Hegde caught up with some of them, and quizzed them about their best -- and worst -- Holi moments.

Shweta Tiwari

I have been celebrating Holi for many years in the same way. I enjoy the rain dance with my friends and family.

Once, some colour went into my eyes and I got a severe eye infection that lasted for a month. I stopped playing Holi after that but I enjoy watching others play.

My daughter (Palak, 8) is very fond of Holi. She keeps a white dress ready for Holi. The first thing she does in the morning is throw colours on the bed and say 'Holi hai'

When she plays Holi in the building, she makes sure all the colours are splashed on her dress. If any of them is missing, she will go downstairs again to put the colour!

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Veena Malik to buy flat in Mumbai?

Veena Malik is keen to buy a pad in Mumbai considering the offers coming her way... 

Pakistani actress Veena Malik, who participated in the reality show Bigg Boss, finds herself hosting a couple of cricket shows, and claims that she is flooded with offers even for shows covering the Indian Premiere League, scheduled to begin soon after the ICC World Cup.

This has encouraged Veena to buy a house in Mumbai. We are told, that Malik, considering the opportunities here, is keen to buy a home in suburban Mumbai, however, Pakistan will remain her base. In fact, Veena, it is heard, even made a passing statement: I have six homes in Pakistan, it's only fair that I buy myself one in Mumbai!

Well, with her getting along famously well with Ashmit Patel, and with good work coming her way, it's not so much of a 'big toss' if the lady will actually buy a Mumbai house. .

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Vidya Balan denies watching porn, Hot pix pux news.

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Munni, sheila v/s jalebi bai, mallika, sherawat, mallika sherawat movies, Indian News

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hot Suhagraat Videos

Sania and Shoaib Suhagraat Comedy Ke Superstar
SUHAG RAT kai Dastan With Suhag Video
suhagrat shaadi k pehle din
Shilpa suhaag raat
"DHERE SE CHUMMAA LE LA" hot bhojpuri suhagrat song
Indian Oil Corporation - Extra Premium - Suhaag Raat

Bollywood News :- Munni's Guinness record and record breaking Indian movies

Dabanggbroke many records in Bollywood after its release in September last year. It became the highest opening day grosser, and the second highest box office earner in Bollywood. It seems accolades forDabangg would never stop. The latest is that the movie's song 'Munni Badnaam' was awarded a Guinness World Record for being the song danced for with the highest number of people. The feat, which was organised with 1200 dancers at the Indian Film Festival being held at Melbourne, was not planned for a record, but the Guinness World Record judges present at the venue, acknowledged that it broke the earlier record set in Singapore with 1008 dancers. The Guinness World Records organisers presented Dabangg's producer Arbaaz Khan with a certificate recording the achievement.
Some earlier Guinness World Records for Indian movies includes the Tamil movieSuyamvaram, which was filmed, edited and released in a record 23 hours and 58 minutes. Telugu comedian Brahmanandam was presented a Guinness World Record for appearing in 857 movies in a 20 year period. Abhishek Bachchan too earned a place in the Guinness Records when he made the highest number of public appearances in 12 hours, travelling to seven Indian cities, promoting his 2009 movie Delhi 6.
The Indian movie industry by itself is specially marked in the Guinness for producing the highest number of movies in the world, which is twice the number of movies produced in Hollywood. Hyderabad based Ramoji Film City is the world's largest film studio spread across 1666 acres, with a movie set for almost any scene, from an Indian railway station to a UK suburb to the Mughal gardens to even the Wild West.

Bollywood News :-Bollywood Has Lost It’s One of the Biggest Talents

 Popular for playing a villain and British era police officer in more than 200 Indian movies, Australian origin Indian actor, Bob Christo passed away yesterday at the Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology in Bangalore following a heart attack.
The 72-year-old actor has been well known for playing negative roles in numerous Indian languages including Mr. India, Disco Dancer and Qurbani among others. The actor was rushed to the Bengaluru hospital on Saturday morning, after he complained of a chest pain. He also suffered a heart attack at the hospital for which he was operated but after a day in critical care, he passed away.
An angiography was done on Christo, which revealed that he had 90% blockage in one of his arteries. Unluckily, the angioplasty and the open-heart surgery done on him failed to help him recover.
"His heart was weak and his condition was critical", Dr C N Manjunath, Director of Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research was quoted as saying.
Christo had worked in the Indian cinema since 1980 and he served Bollywood for 20 years. After his acting career, he started serving his business interests between Mumbai and Bangalore. Also he was working on his autobiography, which is due for release in June.
Actor's business partner, Mr. Khaleem Pasha has informed that Christo's funeral will be held at Hebbal today at 1pm. We will really miss the personality in Bollywood.

Bollywood News:- Indian film industry must go digital in 2011 Read more: Indian film industry must go digital in 2011

With a $2 billion domestic film industry, and a population rivalling China, hit Bollywood movies need to go digital in order to embrace the technology trend.
Piracy has plagued Bollywood for years, and as DVD sales continue to be absorbed by copies and digital downloads there is no quick fix to the slide.
With classic Bollywood movies becoming less lucrative, cinema owners getting less revenue, where should the future strategy lie for the Indian film business?

Will the future hit movies with stars like Aishwarya Rai and Bollywood legends Shah Rukh khanHrithik Roshan or Amitabh Bachchan get the all digital treatment?
What is the right ‘digital’ strategy for a movie release? Even Hollywood is experimenting with this. Paramount Studios will be releasing an Australian indie movie via BitTorrent as a way to boost DVD sales.

Bollywood News :- Rekha Says No to Rajinikanth’s Rana

Here’s the latest buzz on South Indian Superstar Rajinikanth’s forthcoming film ‘Rana’.

It was reported earlier that Bollywood actress Rekha would play a key role in the film. But the latest reports say that she may not act in the film. Few sources say that the actress demanded high pay with which producers are comfortable with while some other sources say that film director made some changes in the script.

On the other side, it is still uncertain whether Vidya Balan is going to be part of the film. Neither the actress not the filmmakers have confirmed about her role in the film.

So, as of now, only Deepika Padukone alone is finalized for the film. She will be playing the first heroine in the film. Two more heroines are yet to be finalized.

Directed by KS Ravi Kumar (who earlier directed super hit films like ‘Muthu’ and ‘Narasimha’), ‘Rana’ will be made in three languages – Tamil, Telugu and Hindi simultaneously. It will be co-produced by Eros International and Ocher Studios, the production house run by Soundarya Rajinikanth (daughter of Rajikanth). The film will feature cinematography by R. Rathnavelu and music by A. R. Rahman.

Bollywood News :- We all bleed blue: Abhishek Bachchan to the men in blue

Bangalore, Mar 23 Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan today in his message to Indian cricket team expressed solidarity with the M S Dhoni-led squad, saying "we are all supporters of Indian cricket team, we all bleed blue". The actor who was here along with the film unit and co-stars to promote his yet to be released film "Game" said he was expecting the Indian cricket team to do extremely well and prove their prowess on the cricket field in the coming match. However, he said "I am not going to watch the match. In my house we are very superstitious. Whenever we watch television, we lose, so I will be sitting, waiting for my friends to call me and update me on the scores". On which cricketing stars he think will shine during the forthcoming match, he said "I think we have great players and all of them will shine but I don't think there is anybody in this entire world who is not a great fan of Sachin Tendulkar", adding that he expected the ace cricketer to perform extremely well as usual. To a question whether the World Cup would wean away crowds from the theatre and his new film, he said, the film is slated to be released on April one while the finals were scheduled later. "We are not competing with the Sachins and Dhonis, we are their biggest fans and we hope India reaches the finals, we hope India wins", he said.

Today Bollywood News:- OFFICIAL DHOOM 3 TRAILER

Dhoom 3 - official Trailer [HD] Theatrical Amirkhan Rajnikant Abhishek Kareena Anushka Uday

Dhoom 3 - official Trailer [HD] Theatrical Amirkhan Rajnikant Abhishek Kareena Anushka Uday

Bollywood News:- Aamir on playing the villain in Dhoom 3

Aamir on playing the villain in Dhoom 3

Aamir, The Bad Guy In Dhoom 3

Aamir, The Bad Guy In Dhoom 3

Victor to direct Dhoom 3. 2011

After writing two instalments of successful action film "Dhoom" series, Vijay Krishna Acharya aka Victor is delighted to take on the responsibility of directing " Dhoom 3".

"I'm very happy as I am directing 'Dhoom 3'," said Victor, adding that he was sure from the very beginning he would be directing the movie.

The first two instalments of the film were directed by Sanjay Gadhvi. "I like to direct what I write. When I started writing (part three), I knew that I would be directing it. I became a writer by default, I always planned to direct a film. I am at pre-production stage and am happy wherever I am at present," Victor told IANS.

The first instalment of "Dhoom", which starred John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan, Rimi Sen, Eesha Deol and Uday Chopra, was a super duper successful actioner of 2004. Two years later came "Dhoom 2" and apart from Aishwarya Rai-Hrthik Roshan pairing, the film's action scenes and performances by the entire cast that included Abhishek, Bipasha Basu and Uday were appreciated by one and all.

Aamir Khan has been roped in to play the pivotal role in "Dhoom 3". The female lead for the film is yet to be decided.

Victor made his directorial debut with "Tashan" (2008), which turned out to be a dud.

So does he find himself burdened with the expectations of "Dhoom" fans?

"As a filmmaker what you can hope to do is doing what drives you. I will make a film which I would believe I should do and I can. Commerce is in no one's hand and that should not be the only reason to make a film ever," said Victor who is sentimentally attached to his directorial debut.

"It's the first film that I had directed; so it would always be close to my heart. Success and failure are a part of filmmaking. Of course, when you do and find no resonance, you should go back and find it," said Victor, who has also scripted "Pyaar Ke Side Effects" and penned the dialogues for Mani Ratnam's " Guru" and "Raavan".

"I did 'Raavan' in between. With Mani sir, I was assistant director. I am a writer and I write in Hindi, and it is not the first language of Mani sir. So I like being on the set with him. I love working with him because he is a great guy and you end learning many things.

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ate of Birth
26 October 1985, Cochin, Kerala, India

Birth Name
Asin Thottumkal

Queen of Kollywood

5' 4" (1.63 m)

Mini Biography
Asin was born in Cochin, Kerala, India in the Malayalam-speaking Thottumkal family which consists of her businessman dad, Joseph, and mom, Dr. Seline, who practices in Ernakulam. She attended Naval Public School in Cochin, and after obtaining her Matriculation, was enrolled in St. Theresa's Higher Secondary School. After successfully obtaining her Higher Secondary School Certificate, she enrolled in St. Theresa's College to continue studying in the Arts Faculty. After obtaining a Degree in B.A. English Literature, she assisted her dad in his business (which includes software, export of furniture and antiques) and also took up modeling on the side. Her modeling assignments included Colgate Toothpaste, and Fairever Cream.

This exposure got her noticed and she made her debut on the tinsel screen through director Sathyan Anthikad's "Narendaran Makan" with Malayalyee actor Kunjachacko Boban.

After her initial success, she was offered Telugu movies, and warmly welcomed in the Telugu film industry. It was a smooth transition from Telugu to Tamil with the film "M Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi". Asin starred in the original Telugu version, so she was the obvious choice for the Tamil remake, opposite Jeyam Ravi. The movie was a super hit. What makes Asin hot in the Tamil film industry, apart from her looks, is that she has teamed up with all the top heroes -- Vijay, Ajith, Surya and now Vikram, in "Maja".

She speaks a wide range of languages such as Malyalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Sanskrit, English, French, and may well be the only Indian actress with a Blogspot in French. She is very active in various functions throughout Southern India, and credits her good upbringing to her parents, who she considers her role models. She was the winner of an entrepreneurial award as a teenager. She is fond of reading and has a huge collection of books.

Asin, along with her mom and dad, have left their Harrington Road apartment at Chetpet, Chennai, and have re-located to an apartment in Lokhandwala Complex, in Andheri (West), Mumbai, in order to enable her to debut in Bollywood movies.

She has had a taste of success at a very young age in Indian regional movies, it remains to be seen if her success will continue in Bollywood also.

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